Welcome to ARCA college

Based on the MZO permit, University College ARCA conducts a program of inspection and personnel management in maritime affairs. The reason for the establishment was to solve the problem of professional staff in the field of inspection and personnel management in the Republic of Croatia, but also worldwide, and the need for educated professionals who can creatively respond to the demands of modern economies. The professional study of inspection and personnel management aims to create just such competent experts.

What do we offer to You?

Teaching courses are con ducted through lectures, exercises and professional practice. Lectures are conducted interactively, using presentations and various video materials. University College ARCA, in accordance with the Law and general acts, provides the possibility of retraining as a transfer from other studies and institutions. Undergraduate professional study, in accordance with the Law on Science and Higher Education, can be enrolled by a person who has completed three or four years of high school and exercised the right to enroll in the classification procedure or through the state matura procedure.

Fast way to employment

The ultimate goals of this program are aimed at acquiring the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to: research the expectations of employers of graduate students for personnel project management with regard to the skills and characteristics of the mastered curricula; explore local and global career opportunities; develop a career development plan to maximize student careers; and develop a professional development plan that will support lifelong learning.

Professional practice

Professional practice is vital in the process of training students in order to develop, demonstrate and achieve the necessary competencies to work in the "real sector". Although students acquire much of their knowledge base at University College ARCA. During the internship, the student checks and supplements his / her own professional knowledge, with active involvement in the work process and its overall consideration.