Enrollment conditions

All candidates who have graduated from a four-year high school in Croatia are entitled to enroll. Candidates who have finished high school outside the Republic of Croatia are required to bring a solution to the Ministry of Science and Education on recognition of foreign educational qualifications. Students from other higher education institutions who meet the requirements of the Rulebook on Studies and Study of University College ARCA can apply.

The enrollment procedure will take place as follows:

Based on the state graduation

On the basis of the state graduation, without the obligation to take a college exam at a higher school, candidates who have passed the state graduation (minimum B level of obligatory subjects) can enroll directly to the school year of 2022/2023 and in earlier school years.

Based on high school education*

* Candidates who have completed four -year secondary education outside the Republic of Croatia or before 2010.

For these candidates, ARCA will organize and conduct a class procedure based on the evaluation of the general success of these candidates in all four grades and final high school exam, and check their knowledge at the class exam. Based on the evaluation of success in the high school and the results of the class exam, the list of candidates for enrollment is determined.

Transition from another study

The transition of students from other higher education institutions is enabled in accordance with the Law and Statute, by conditions of enrollment to study and acquire student status, and in accordance with the Regulations on the recognition of the previous learning. The students of the transitions have been acquitted of the class examination, and for the application purposes they only fulfill the application form, and pay the costs of the class procedure.

Enrollment documents

Documents you need to bring:

Certificates of all high school years and certificates of the final exam or the State Matura

Birth certificate (original or certified copy)

Homeland document (original or certified copy)

A copy of the ID card

Three color photos, 6 × 4 cm format

A copy of evidence of a eventual special status

CV Europass

Certificate of paid Enrollment Costs (490.00 kuna (65.03 €) on the account of the school- IBAN: HR 7324070001100432311))

A certificate of paid tuition in full or first installment

Class procedure application


Documents you fill in the university:

Enrollment form

Parent leaf

Agreement on mutual rights and obligations (concludes between students and University College ARCA in Split – Salmization of the Agreement)


With these documents, students submit a certified transcript of grades and/or diploma on the previous study.


Application and enrollment documents are submitted personally to a student reference or electronically via e-mail referada@velarca.hr


Tuition fee for enrollment in the first year of study for the academic year 2022/2023. amounts to HRK 20,655.00 (2 741.39 €) if paid in full. By paying for installments, the amount of tuition is increased by 10% and amounts to HRK 22,950.00 (3 045.99 €).

Early Enrollment – for enrollment until 30.06.2022. Tuition is 19,507.50 kn (2 589.09 €)

A favorable student loan for the study

For tuition needs, a student can take a loan with OTP Bank with a particular discount. Contact number taken from University College ARCA.

For other benefits regarding the enrollment terms, please contact University College ARCA at +385 97 620 46 77 directly.

Tuition includes

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