Teorija sustava i upravljanja

The low level of knowledge and awareness of the benefits of organizational management systems is one of the main causes of the low level of implementation of management systems in organizations in the Republic of Croatia. The absence of standardized management systems that include tools for risk analysis, risk mitigation and many other guidelines issued […]

System and Control Theory – Collection

This is a separate collection of questions and answers related to the textbook of THEORY OF SYSTEM AND GOVERNANCE whose solutions and answers are given at the end of the book.The collection of assignments was created during many years of work with students of the second year of study at the College of Inspection and […]


The aim of this study is to examine the phenomenon of media ethics and to better represent the existing theories about the phenomenon and the like. The paper will outline the problems of ethics in the media, which would eventually raise critical awareness of the effects of this problem.The paper also aims to determine how […]


The book deals with: concept and value of communication, communication science as a science, theoretical basis of communication science, visual, non-verbal, verbal, paraverbal communication, business etiquette, rhetoric, active listening, monologue and dialogue, negotiation skills, telephone communication, negotiation skills, leadership , business meetings, advertisement communication, propaganda, manipulation, resume writing and job applications. Book on Web Bookstore


The dangers of large losses, lost investments or the collapse of shipping companies. The basic risks to which each maritime company is exposed may include the following: liquidity risk, risk of successful completion of shipbuilding, technological risk, risk of raw material procurement, currency and financial risk, political and environmental risk, and others. The aim of […]


The book covers the basic concepts of computer science and the principle of operation of an electronic computer. It is intended for students of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split and the College of Inspection and Personnel Management in Split. The book describes the evolution of computers through history, mathematical fundamentals, coding, logical algebra, […]


The book covers the basics of management science: management functions, forms, methods and styles of management, and its effectiveness and efficiency. It is intended for students of the College of Inspection and Personnel Management in Split. The goal is to familiarize students with the basic principles and principles of management science so that they can […]


The book introduces students to contemporary theoretical and practical aspects of management information systems and information technologies. The information system influences the management of the maritime organization through the realization of one of the basic functions of the information system, which is to enable the staff and the managers, by supplying them with the necessary […]


The monograph is a complete reference work written at the research level. Communication science and management is a monograph based on theoretical and empirical research dealing with the problems of communication in contemporary management. It deals with the notion and importance of management, methods of researching the interactions between management and communication, then the forms, […]


Accounting and Auditing arose from the need and essence of a market economy system based on the capital of well-known owners. Their primary task is to provide honest and objective information about the financial position of the company so that information users can make optimal decisions.Unlike developed market economies where auditing has long since taken […]