Association for the Promotion of Science and the Arts

The Association for the Promotion of Science and the Arts, which operates within the Higher School of Inspection and Personnel Management in Split, views education processes as discovering opportunities to achieve synergy and coordination in the fields of culture and science, fostering cultural dialogue and promoting our cultural heritage, with rich experience. science contributes not only to broadening our perspectives but also to integrating it into Europe’s global strategy.

It is also the Alumni Association of which it becomes a member of the undergraduate study of the College of Inspection and Personnel Management.

The programs of the Association will support projects and creators (exhibitions, lectures, meetings, incentives), but also invite guests to individuals who have endowed us with the value of their work and creative wisdom.

Objectives and activities

The area of ​​activity of the Association in accordance with its goals is culture and art and education, science and research.

The aim of establishing the association is to promote, develop and improve science and the arts.

In accordance with Art. Articles 7. and 8 of the Statute of the Association for the Promotion of Science and the Arts, the objectives and activities of the Association are as follows:
– work planning
– informing the public about science and art, about scientific achievements and news in the world of science and art in the Republic of Croatia and abroad
– development and improvement of relations with related and other associations in the Republic of Croatia and abroad
– publishing books and magazines in the field of their activity, organizing exhibitions and presenting young and talented artists
– developing international cooperation programs and involving prominent scientists and artists in the work of
– cooperation, networking and association with organizations, groups, individuals from home and abroad engaged in the same or similar activity
– organization of scientific conferences in the Republic of Croatia and abroad and organization of public forums
– promoting science and art

The economic activities performed by the association are:
– organizing scientific and professional conferences;
– publishing (journal, literature, books, brochures, manuals and other professional and professional-popular publications);
– reviews of projects, studies and studies.
– maintenance of payment courses

If, in the performance of its economic activities, the Association makes a profit, it must, in accordance with the Statute of the Association, be used exclusively for the performance and promotion of the activities of the Association, which meet its objectives set out in the Statute.

The name of the Association is: Association for the Promotion of Science and the Arts

The abbreviated name of the Association is: UPZU

The Association is a non-profit legal entity registered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia with the competent state administration body (Split-Dalmatia County – name of the competent authority).

Information and contact


President: Đorđe Nadrljanski
Vice-President: Mila Nadrljanski
Secretary: Kristina Vidović
Treasurer: Irena Masce
Liquidator: Ana Puljic


• Đorđe Nadrljanski
• Mila Nadrljanski,
• Željko Lubina,
• Irena Mašće,
• Kristina Vidović