Filip Glođović

Choosing between an internship and a study exchange is a very personal matter, it all depends on your personality and what suits you best.

The year in which I applied for my Erasmus + experience was 2020 (2020/2021 summer semester), and everyone knows that it was a special year due to the COVID situation, and many may have hesitated to apply for Erasmus+ mobility. For me, there was no doubt from the very beginning. I knew I wanted to leave when I had the chance. My Eramsus experience is related to Slovenia, to a company called CEOS d.o.o.

It was great that I wasn’t alone, but I went with three colleagues from the University. The company we were in deals with management and provides support (consulting) services to larger and smaller companies. Each of us had our own mentor who guided us through the basic tasks that we learned and performed with pleasure.

And as for Ljubljana, the city as a city is incredible, and considering the Covid situation, there were no events as usual, but you could feel the happy atmosphere in the air. Slovenians are nice and friendly and mostly everyone understands the Croatian language, which makes communication even easier. The Slovenian language is quite similar to our language and most of them can be understood.

I would highly recommend everyone to go on an internship as part of the Erasmus + program! I hope that my experience helped you apply!

Filip Glođović