The dangers of large losses, lost investments or the collapse of shipping companies. The basic risks to which each maritime company is exposed may include the following: liquidity risk, risk of successful completion of shipbuilding, technological risk, risk of raw material procurement, currency and financial risk, political and environmental risk, and others. The aim of this book is to explain modern risk management practices in current business operations, and methods of risk analysis in the investment process. Risk is analyzed as a measure of investment justification and a criterion for choosing between available options for permanent capital investment. All those who need to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to solve the problem of choosing an investment option will use elementary statistical and mathematical risk analysis procedures.
The individual goals are as follows:

  • Explain the role of the concept of risk management, in particular risk analysis, in the decision-making process of starting and running business ventures,
  • To present the most important methods of risk analysis,
  • Explain the meaning and encourage the use of individual risk management strategies

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