Novi pristupi sustavu cjeloživotnog obrazovanja

The book “New Approaches to the Lifelong Learning System” is the result of a group of authors and includes the following chapters:

1. Contemporary views on the theoretical foundations of education

the role of e-education in lifelong learning

2. Perspectives on higher education in the context of multimedia culture

3. Knowledge management

4. How to learn

5. How much programming content is adopted through the media and

media strategies influence knowledge formation

6. The future of education – challenges and tendencies

7. The importance of social media in higher education

8. Information education and the “knowledge society” – a research project

9. Designing a media education model for the knowledge society

How Much Information Accepted Through the Internet Affects

formation of youth knowledge in Croatia

11. Scientific development of professional studies in operational and strategic management in Macedonia

12. Pedagogical competencies of future teachers

13. Evaluation of non-formal learning by example of polytechnic in Šibenik

14 Lifelong learning and raising the quality of gerontological care

15. The social dimension and perspectives of education in Croatia

16 Developing Learning Individuals as a Way of Transformation

academic institutions into academic learning organizations

17. Communication profiling tools to help

in the process of creativity

18. Planning of human resource mobility in shipping

20. The importance of communication and interpersonal relationships on board

in the process of lifelong learning

21. Education in the field of scientific and technological development

22. E-education of Third Age Persons

23. Communication models in high school teaching

the example of a naval school in Split

24. Athlete motivation and information systems in sport

25. Education for sustainable development

26. Promoting the quality of lifelong learning

more intensive use of available resources

27. Curriculum Structure of Contemporary High School