What are the obstacles to successful changes to the education system in our environment? How much better experiences help us improve the work of our institutions and the application of multidisciplinary approaches? re we ready to implement the aforementioned and new approaches in our educational practice?

• Basic problems and contradictions in education
• How much new knowledge and programming content acquired through the media and new technologies influence knowledge formation
• The nature of the media as a psychological and sociological entity
• The nature of information technology media as a psychological and sociological entity
• Computer theory of thought and computer models in education
• The diversity of systems of symbols and languages ​​used to interact with modern technology and adapt them to learning
• The essence and main directions of change in the experience of applying Bologna-based education
• The values ​​of education in science and technology development, including the use of media and information and education technology, with particular reference to governance and access issues in teaching and learning
• Exploring educational needs as a basis for designing education
• Forms of computer experience that help build concepts and processes of science
• The nature of learning through social interaction using information technology
• IT support for distance education
• Application of universal models for the control, management and development of lifelong learning systems
• Solution research based on instructional design of the learning model
• Developing authoring systems as typed software tools to help teachers model and realize their own teaching concepts
• E-book development and implementation
• To what extent the teamwork of teachers, with the use of modern technologies, helps in more efficient teaching
• Establishing direct links between projects in different countries Utilizing all the school’s capacity in carrying out programmatic tasks
• Direct engagement of teachers in adapting teaching processes using all available methods
• Desirable free circulation of documentation and exchange of experience with foreign educational and scientific systems

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