The book “Financial Business” was created as an upgrade to the author’s many years of scientific research and teaching in this area of ​​economic science. The goal of this writing is to make the problems of this financial and economic area as easy and understandable as possible for the general public.
The book is primarily intended for students of economics and other colleges where the economic and financial problems of business operations are studied, since knowledge of this area of ​​economic science is important in practice, since financial standing is the basis for managerial decisions.
In making managerial decisions, the financial policy of an enterprise appears as a starting activity for the financial management of an enterprise, as a basis for directing and operating the financial function and from it other financial relations arising from that activity, which relate to the business of the enterprise. Financial policy is about creatively deciding on the basic financial goals of an enterprise and choosing the right strategies and structures to achieve them.
Financial policy is specified by financial planning, organizing the work of the financial function, motivating and coordinating, and is, as a rule, implemented through ongoing decision making. The main task of financial policy is to ensure the smooth operation of an enterprise in the market, the ability to preserve and increase its assets while maintaining an adequate level of liquidity.
Financial operations are accomplished through the function of the financial function in the organized acquisition of funds and the effort to rationally transform in business processes, in order to achieve the financial goals, especially in preserving and increasing the assets of the company, as well as its solvency to return financial resources to sources. This is, in fact, the realization of financial policy goals, all with the aim of creating and maintaining the optimal structure of funds and resources, which is usually achieved through rational financing. The mathematical-graphical instrumentation was used to the extent not to obscure the problems presented, but to clear them.

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