The monograph is a complete reference work written at the research level. Communication science and management is a monograph based on theoretical and empirical research dealing with the problems of communication in contemporary management. It deals with the notion and importance of management, methods of researching the interactions between management and communication, then the forms, processes and cultures of communication.
Further, the paper deals with, place and role of communications in business systems. Modern communication discourse is viewed in the totality of its functions and phenomena, verbal and non-verbal, spoken and written forms, sender-recipient relationships, and the contexts in which they are realized in business systems. ommunication Science and Management systematically processes the latest insights into the impact of communication on managerial knowledge and skills. The choice of theoretical background was made from the point of view of the key functions of communication in companies. The study finds analytically that in order to perform this job successfully, certain skills (a set of specific abilities that result from knowledge, information, practice, and gifts) are required. Communication is an important factor, impressions of the organization and can represent the boundary between success and failure. It is stated that management in the conditions of the Internet economy must be oriented to the “invisible values” of ideas, information of connection – networking, and especially intellectual capital. These are all significant sources of competitive advantage in general today. t has been noted that creating a managerial communication culture is a long and arduous process, and that its successful emergence and continuation requires unprecedented persistence and enthusiasm of its leaders.
The second part of the monograph is devoted to empirical research into the phenomenology of communication and management Through seven field surveys, they analyze the function of management from a communication standpoint, and on this occasion adequate instruments and statistical methods are used in the processing of questionnaires.

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