Digitalization of education

This book appeared at the right time given the recent emphasis on curriculum reform of the education system in the Republic of Croatia. Its intention is to incorporate technology into the education system together with an abundance of significant opportunities and challenges. ICT plays a significant role in the education of the digital age, and learning is structured through the transformation of various educational technology innovations.

This book introduces innovations in the form of quality practices from different parts of the educated community in Croatia. In the second part of the book, there are papers that relate more to the issues of models of formal and informal education. A certain number of papers received did not meet the title requirement goals and as such, they were considered as expert papers and published as an Appendix.

In the world transformed by ubiquitous and rapid digital progress, most institutions are expanding in order to up and remain competitive. This book presents some issues that institutions can take into account in developing their strategies in this fast digital world of education.